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Sporting bots limited has quickly established a very good reputation for creating software that allows hands-free trouble-free operation that gives its users a distinct advantage over manual operators.

At the moment all the software we create is used with the betfair.com official API and our list of fully certified products is growing monthly.

The Grey Horse bot
Replacing our earlier Greyhound bot the Grey Horse bot allows you to now use the Greyhound and Horse markets on betfair. We have improved the built in staking plan and added some new features that substantially increase the range of scenarios that the user can now use the bot for. The Grey Horse bot now includes football.

Developed specifically for Nick Owen this bot really does show off where a bot beats humans hands down. This bot is specifically for the "in running" market on betfair and although it's possible for human to bet exactly at the right time during a race you have to be very, very quick. Inplaymaster takes all the stress out of betting so quickly but even more it can monitor other runners and their prices to pick the exact best time to bet, which would be almost impossible for a human to do.

Bismarx Bot
Developed for Bismarx.com again this bot is specific to a certain betting scenario that is outlined in the "Bank Vault Report". This is fully automated "set and leave" type bot and very similar to the Greyhound bot, but for the horse racing market instead.


Betfair X-Games automated trading bot.

These are just a sample of betting bots we have in production and does not cover some very unique betting bots that we would rather not reveal, at this stage in production.

If you have your own idea for a bot or would like to know if any of ours that may suit you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


© Sporting Bots Limited 2006 - Registered office: 29 Bath Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 4AS. Company No 5961791 Please see our Terms & Conditions.

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